Petter Viksveen, BA MSc PhD
Research Consultant

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This page provides a brief overview of my research education and experience.


RESEARCH: I have for many years had a strong interest in research. I have participated in the planning and carrying out of several research projects. Some of these projects were part of my PhD and MSc studies. As part of my PhD studies I carried out a randomised controlled trial (RCT) with 566 patients with depression, as well as a qualitative interview study with 46 interviews of 33 patients. My Masters of Science Degree combined the areas of health and education research with a quantitative survey and a qualitative study. I have also carried out some projects at the University of Tromsø (Norway). The projects included coordination of the CAM-Cancer Consortium and a review of patients' experiences with CAM therapies. It was carried out for the National Information and Research Centres for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIFAB/NAFKAM) which reside under the Department of Community Medicine.

TEACHING: I also have an interest in adult education. My Bachelor Degree mainly consists of pedagogy/andragogy subjects. My assignments included topics such as learning in groups and problem-based learning. My Masters of Science Degree Dissertation focused on educational subjects. I have given seminars and been a lecturer at conferences in several countries. I was the administering director of Den sosialpedagogiske høgskolen the first half of 2015, but decided to resign to focus more on my research.

CLINICAL PRACTICE: I have been a practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for over 25 years.
This has involved seeing a wide range of patients and trying to understand and help them from a more holistic viewpoint.

- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Sheffield, Feb 2016
- Master of Science (MSc), University of Central Lancashire, 2009
- Bachelor of Arts (Pedagogy), University of Oslo, 2006
- Undergraduate CAM Education, Norsk Akademi for Naturmedisin, Oslo, 1990
- Research position, University of Sheffield, 2016
- Research position, Advisor and Scientific Coordinator, University of Tromsø, 2009 to 2011
- Clinical practice in Stavanger, since 1990
- Lecturer, teacher and supervisor at various seminars and conferences
- Author of a number of articles


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the University of Sheffield, Degree awarded Feb 2016
As part of my PhD studies I carried out a randomised controlled trial with 566 patients suffering from self-reported depression.
The research project also included a qualitative interview study with 46 semi-structured interviews with 33 patients, to learn from their experiences.
Patient outcomes were assessed at 6 and 12 months.
The research protocol was published prior to publication of the trial.
Several statistical analyses were used to analyse the data, including both an intention-to-treat analysis and an instrumental variables analysis.
Data analysis included: general linear model, analysis of variance, generalised estimating equations, and instrumental variables analysis.
For the qualitative study thematic analysis was used.
A mixed methods approach was also used to analyse the data.
Supervisors: Dr. Clare Relton & Prof. Jon Nicholl. Advisor: Prof. Paul Bissell
PhD students at the University of Sheffield attend research modules according to a Teaching Needs Assessment (TNA) agreed with their supervisors.
The modules I attended were:
Research Ethics and Integrity (compulsory for all PhD students)
Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal
Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers
Medical Statistics and Evidence Synthesis
Utility and Patient-reported Outcomes Data in Health Technology Assessment
Systematically Reviewing the Research Literature
Randomised Controlled Trials

Master of Science (MSc, Distinction), University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, 2009
The MSc course included a research module and a full year for carrying out my own research.
The research project included a questionnaire survey and a qualitative interview study with teachers in Europe.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Pedagogy), University of Oslo, Norway, 2006
- Occupational and Organisational Psychology (credits 30, grade A)
- Pedagogy in depth studies (credits 20, grade A)
- Multicultural Pedagogy I (credits 20, grade A)
- Multicultural Pedagogy II (credits 10, grade A)
- Intercultural Communication (credits 5, grade A)
- Social pedagogy I (credits 30, grade pass)
- Social pedagogy II (credits 30, grade pass)
- The development of children (credits 15, grade pass)
- Introduction to Theory of Science (credits 5, grade B)
- Introduction to Philosophy and History of Science (credits 5, grade B)
- Examen Facultatum (credits 10, grade B)
(Scale A-F: A=Excellent B=Very good C=Good D=Satisfactory E=Sufficient F=Fail)
("Pass" subjects: only "fail" or "pass" are available.)

Undergraduate CAM Education, Norsk Akademi for Naturmedisin (NAN), Oslo, Norway, 1985 to 1990

Post-graduate training, research
- Seminar on extraordinary cases research, NAFKAM, University of Tromsø, Norway, 2015 (1 day)
- HRI Research Conference, Rome, 2015 (3 days) (given lecture)
- London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Trials within Cohorts symposium, 2014 (1 day)(given lecture)
- HRI Research Conference, Barcelona, 2013 (3 days) (given lecture)
- Cohort multiple RCT design workshop, University of Sheffield, UK, 2012 (1 day) (given lecture)
- 12th International Research Congress, WissHom, Köthen, Germany, 2012 (2 days) (given lecture)
- 5th International Congress on CAM Research, ICCMR, Tromsø, Norway, 2010 (3 days)
- Research Methods of CAM, Technische Universität München, Germany, 2009 (34 hours)
- Seminar in CAM research, NAFKAM, University of Tromsø, Norway, 2009 (15 hours)
- Seminar in research methodology, NAFKAM, University of Tromsø, Norway, 2005 (2 study points)
- Seminar in research methodology, NAFKAM, University of Tromsø, Norway, 2004 (2 days)
- Seminar in research methodology, Laila Launsø, Oslo, Norway, 2000 (15 hours)
- Seminar in research methodology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, 1993 (15 hours)


Research position, University of Sheffield, UK
Research Consultant for the NOSH breastfeeding research project, February - August 2016

Research position, University of Tromsø, Norway
Advisor for NIFAB and Scientific Coordinator for the CAM-Cancer Consortium from November 2009 to April 2011

Clinical practice
- CAM practice since 1990, from January 2009 at Sanitetsforeningens Helsehus

Administering director in higher education
I was the administering director at Den sosialpedagogiske høgskolen the first half of 2015.
This educational institution offer post-graduate education for teachers, healthcare practitioners and others.
I decided to resign to increase my focus on research.


Viksveen P, Relton C, Nicholl J. Benefits and challenges of using the trials within cohort design in a pragmatic depression trial. (Under development)

Viksveen P, Relton C, Nicholl J. Depressed patients treated by homeopaths: A randomised controlled trial using the "trials within cohorts" (TwiCs) design. (Under development)

Viksveen P, Relton C, Fibert F, Pilkington K. Homeopathy in the treatment of depression: a systematic review. (Under development)

Viksveen P, Relton C, Bissell P. Patients' experiences with treatment provided by homeopaths: A semi-structured qualitative interview study. (Under development)

Viksveen P. Can self-reported depression be helped by homeopaths? A pragmatic cohort randomised controlled trial with qualitative interviews with patients. A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The University of Sheffield Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health School of Health and Related Research, January 2016.

Viksveen P, Relton C. Depression treated by homeopaths: a study protocol for a pragmatic cohort multiple randomised controlled trial. Homeopathy 2014; 103(2):147-52. doi: 10.1016/j.homp.2014.01.004.

Viksveen P, Steinsbekk A, Rise MB. What is a competent homeopath and what do they need in their education? A qualitative study of educators' views. Educ Health (Abingdon) 2012; 25(3):172-9. doi: 10.4103/1357-6283.109798.

Viksveen P, Dymitr Z, Simoens S. Economic evaluations of homeopathy: a review. Eur J Health Econ 2014; 15(2):157-74. doi: 10.1007/s10198-013-0462-7.

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Viksveen P. Homeopathic treatment of patients suffering from ADHD - an overview and critique of current evidence. The University of Central Lancashire, Master of Science course, 2007.

Viksveen P. What is problem-based learning and what are the claimed effects? Pedagogy in-depth studies (PED2000), University of Oslo, Institute of Pedagogical Research, 2006.

Viksveen P, Steinsbekk A. Changes in patients visiting a homeopathic clinic in Norway from 1994 to 2004. Homeopathy 2005; 94(4):222-8.

Thompson EA, Viksveen P, Barron S. The use of a patient reported outcome measure in clinical practice for long term conditions. Homeopathy (Submitted)

Yde C, Duckworth JE, Viksveen P. A small qualitative study on cancer patients' reasons for use and experiences with homeopathic treatment as an adjunct to usual care. (Submitted)

Relton C, Viksveen P, Kessler U. The Making Cases Count initiative. Complement Ther Med 2014; 22(4):621-4. doi: 10.1016/j.ctim.2014.04.006.